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dog Training 

Our programs are designed to provide owners with the training techniques needed to successfully train their dog to an advanced level of on and off-leash obedience and reliable commands.  

  We begin our training using clicker training; which is classically conditioned through positive reinforcement. We provide owners with the guidance, support and knowledge on how to effectively communicate with their pet to be successful.

Beyond the Backyard

Perfect Pooch

Any Age

Our Perfect Pooch course is great for owners who want to improve their dog's skills of behaving nicely around the family and guests and while on walks.

We can teach you how to stop your dog from barking, lunging, and fixating on other dogs, animals,  people, and things on wheels!


This course covers basic commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, come, heel, and place.

All the training is customized to your specific needs and goals for your dog's training.

Our training is great for new dog owners to get their feet wet and learn the basics of how to train!

We'll also review finding appropriate energy outlets for mental and physical stimulation.

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beyond the backyard

For dogs six months and up

This course is specifically geared towards dogs that need to be challenged with harder learning material to keep them stimulated and set them up for future success, whether that be an intro to a foundation of dog sports, getting ready for therapy dog testing, or Canine Good Citizen testing, this course will help you prepare. 

We'll cover all of the material in the "Perfect Pooch" course, but we'll begin to add distance, distractions, and duration to all of the commands.  Your dog will learn how to respond to hand signals as commands without a verbal cue and verbal cues without being prompted. All while learning how to start fazing out treats while still maintaining reliability with commands.

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e-collar training

For dogs six months and up

E-collar training is an electric training aid. This tool comprises a wireless remote and a receiver the dog wears.


E-collars are used to teach dogs the difference between bad and good behavior by sending feedback through physical signals delivered through the collar. 

This course specifically covers everything you need to know about training your dog for off-leash reliability. 

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perfect pooch
the more the merrier
A Puppy Playing with a Toy


5 months and under

Puppies! All your puppy questions will be answered, and training and socialization can begin.

We'll go over things such as potty training, crate training, basic commands, walking nicely on the leash, and how to stop chewing and nipping. 

Learn how to manage your new puppy with your schedule and become the ultimate pet parent!

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Three Big Puppies

the more
the merrier 

Any Age

If you have two or more dogs in your home that need training, we have you covered! 

This course will help you manage and train your multi-dog household by teaching your dog body language, handling techniques, and how to best communicate with your pets.

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Group Classes
Dog Outdoors

Reactive rover

Any Age

This course is designed to help owners with dogs that are struggling with reactivity. This Reactive Rover course will teach you how to get your dog to stop barking, lunging,  hard staring, and having any type of negative reaction to other animals, people or objects.

This course is not for dogs that have a bite history of biting other people or animals. Please e-mail us directly so we can further assist you with that type of aggression.

Your dog will learn how to stay cool, calm and collected around their triggers.

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Any Age

Virtual appointments take place over Zoom.

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group class

Must be an existing client to attend

These group classes are for current clients only.

Dates- TBA

We will be focusing on leashing walking skills, recalls, staying focus while around distractions and more!

Each class will be uniquely different on what we work on.

Please be respectful and do not allow your dog to approach the other owners or their dogs.

Everyone is on the training journey and has their personal goals, it's great that we can come together and work on things s a team!

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Reactive Rover
Reliability, Consistency & Trust

Personalized training is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are training for more reliable off-leash obedience outside, leash skills or training for better house manners, we've got you covered on that and everything in between. 

New clients are welcome to book a meet and greet to ensure we will be the best fit to reach your dog training goals! This meet and greet lasts about thirty minutes and allows you to meet us before we start the training process.


 Click on the calendar icon above to book your meet & greet to and receive an evaluation and a training plan!

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